Need For Speed Underground Patch 4.0

Features vital fixes for this installment of the popular racing game franchise

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The Need for Speed: Underground patch will get your favorite racing game fully current. The Need for Speed series is a franchise loved by racing enthusiasts everywhere. It first began back in 1994 and has had new installments every couple of years since. More than 20 different versions of these games are currently available.

Need for Speed: Underground is the tenth installment in the series, and it was published by Electronic Arts back in 2003. It was a complete remake of the original series and is one of the most beloved games in the entire franchise. It was the first game to have a career mode that let players go through the game's storyline and it gave players the ability to fully customize their cars in garage mode. The game came out around the same time the Fast and Furious movie franchise was gaining popularity, and it's easy to see that the game developers were inspired by it.

All races take place at night. Earlier games featured highly exotic cars to race, but Underground focused heavily on imported cars instead. Players begin the campaign racing a kitted Acura and absolutely destroying the competition, but it has later revealed that the player was only daydreaming. The story opens up and features numerous fleshed out characters such as Eddie, the best racer and leader of the Eastsider gang who constantly antagonizes and makes fun of the player. The storyline has the player winning multiple tracks before eventually racing and beating Eddie.

There are a variety of game modes in Underground.

Circuit mode is the classic style of race, and has the player racing up to four other cars on a loop track with multiple laps. This is the most common mode in the game, and the number of competitors the player is racing slowly decreases while the laps increase as they progress further into the game. At the end of the game, players will be facing one racer for seven laps, which is called an Endurance Race.

Sprint mode is similar to Circuit mode, but is a lot shorter and has players racing to certain points on the map rather than the finish line.

Knockout mode is a popular game type in the Need for Speed franchise. With each lap, the last car to pass the finish line is knocked completely out of the game. The car to last the longest is the winner of the race.

Drifting is a style of game mode as well, and it can be one of the most challenging in Underground. In this game mode, the player is racing other cars not to get to the finish line, but to accumulate the largest amount of points. Points are accrued by completing successful drifts, and whoever has the most points at the end is the winner.

Need for Speed: Underground patch will fully update your game to make it run smoothly so you can start racing as soon as possible.


  • Lots of vehicle customization
  • Plenty of cars to choose from
  • Multiple game modes


  • The game is a decade old, and has some older graphics
  • Can be rather repetitive
  • The storyline is rather cliche

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